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My name is Muffy and I am engaged to a Geek.

Hi. My geek (justindustin) is a computer geek. He spent 90% of this past weekend on the computer.

Although he is a geek, I love him a lot and I know he loves me. Like he says in his profile: "Contrary to popular belief here at SPSU, it is possible to find a good woman at this college. I found one that means everything to me. She's currently the only female on living on campus who is also actively involved in activities on the local network. That's why I love her so much, cuz she's a closet geek. Although she'll never admit to it. As she puts it, she's every geek's wet dream: 'she plays UT, she plays well, and she has breasts'."

So I guess that makes me a geek too, but I have many miles to go before I am as big a geek as him.
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